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28 July 2005

2005 election filing, day 4

King County
*County Executive: Democrat Karen Rispoli has joined the race.
*County Council: Council President Larry Phillips has filed for reelection. Voters in his district could do King County a great service by dumping him, but they won't. In the ninth district, appointed Councilman Reagan Dunn has filed against fellow GOP incumbent Steve Hammond. Hammond might have won the dumpy, smoke-filled GOP convention, but I don't expect to see him duplicate that come September.
*County Sheriff: Jim Fuda and Greg Schmidt have challenged appointed incumbent Sue Rahr.
*Seattle Port Commission: John Kane has filed for the crowded third position open seat. For the fourth seat, incumbent Pat Davis has filed for reelection.
*Bellevue City Council: John Albertson has filed to run against acting Mayor Connie Marshall.
*Federal Way City Council: Incumbent Eric Faison has filed for reelection to the sixth position. GOP-backed challenger Dini Duclos is already in the race.
*Kirkland City Council: Arthur Best has filed for the second position against Bob Sternoff.
*Kent Mayor: Councilman Les Thomas has filed, joining the quartet.
*Kent City Council: Bob O'Brien has entered from the second position. In the fourth spot, Aaron Anderson and Ted Nixon have filed, joining Tim Clark.
*Seattle City Council: Port Commissioner Paige Miller has filed for the second seat against Richard Conlin. She is the only remaining challenger of what was once a hotly-contested race that included county Councilman Dwight Pelz and Mayor Nickels-backed Casey Corr. Freedom Socialist Linda Averill, the first announced challenger to Council Pres. Jan Drago, has filed. Conventional wisdom would dictate that in a race between two leftists, a liberal Democrat, and a moderate Democrat, the leftists (Averill and BolaƱos) are toast, even in Seattle. It will be interesting to see if any candidates miss the filing deadline in the eighth district, notably the relatively moderate (and endorsed by this weblog) Robert Rosencrantz. Even with Pelz running for this seat, he ought to have an outside shot at a runoff.
*Shoreline City Council: Janet Way has filed for the third position.

Pierce County
*Lakewood City Council: Bruce Banfield (first), Mike Brandstetter (third), and Helen McGovern (fifth) have filed. McGovern ought to be an easy bet for reelection after her strong showing against appointed state Sen. Mike Carrell in a generally solid-GOP seat (even though Carrell is much more conservative than Shirley Winsley).

Snohomish County
*County Council: Democrat Suzanne Smith has entered the first district race.
*Edmonds City Council: Jeff Wilson has filed for the third seat.
*Everett City Council: Jackie Minchew has filed for the third position currently held by Arlan Hatloe.

Spokane County
*Spokane Valley City Council: Charles Parker has filed for the open sixth district seat.

Clark County
*Vancouver City Council: Failed legislative candidate Pat Campbell has filed againts incumbent Pat Jollota.



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