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04 August 2005

KC Exec. race through the eyes of The Stranger

New article in The Stranger covering the King County executive's race. The best part is the quote by Sims campaign manager Rachel Bianchi, claiming his troubles are based on that he's running for a third term...of course, there's no way it could be because he's a completely inept leader whose only saving grace is the partisan tilt of the county he runs. It's a shame that King County Democrats rule with such an iron fist or the grassroots attempt to get Sims a moderately-strong primary challenger could have panned-out. No matter, for all this article's negativity surrounding David Irons' name recognition and chances, he gives the GOP a shot at knocking off Sims and their first shot at running the county since pre-Locke. Fundraising numbers should be out any day now for July, so one can only hope that Irons can continue at least matching Sims' fundraising, even though Sims had much more to start with.


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