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03 March 2006

Elway sucks

And I certainly don't mean John. Being that I'm in the process of quitting my job, finding a decent place in Federal Way, and moving, I haven't had much time to post lately, nor will for the coming month. But, it seems much has been made about Stu Elway's poll showing Maria Cantwell leading Mike McGavick by thirty points. Have people forgotten about the Elway Poll's sketchy record and massive Democratic slant? This is the same poll that showed Dino Rossi polling 38% two weeks before the 2004 gubernatorial election (methinks he didn't pull 11% to his side in the remaining time). Judging from my experience with the Elway Poll, it seems to overestimate Democratic numbers by a good 3% and underestimate Republican numbers by about the same margin, making it essentially a partisan D poll. GOP polling firm Strategic Vision had Cantwell leading 48-40 during the same time frame, and their bias is generally less than Elway. This is the most laughable Elway I've seen since they predicted upwards of 75% passage for the Top Two Primary initiative.

Never trust pollsters that charge you to see their internals. Especially to the tune of hundreds of dollars annually. Give me a break.


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