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09 February 2006

Sick day news

Given extra free time as a result of recovering from this annoying recurring flu thing, I got a seven-hour head start on browsing for news. Two articles caught my attention this morning, both regarding a lack in tact from elected public officials.

First, we have today's Robert Jamieson column about US Rep. Brian Baird's less than gracious critique of a college student for not being gracious enough in accepting a scholarship from him. How this man, a pompous ass who is also far more liberal than his district, can continue to be elected, I do not understand. Incumbency apparently truly is everything.

Second, Tacoma's News Tribune reported today about an outburst from Tacoma City Councilman Tom Stenger at a recent meeting, where he told fellow Councilman Rick Talbert "fuck you." Mayor Bill Baarsma reprimanded Stenger but did not have him leave the meeting. Stenger then tried to pass the buck to Talbert, both Democrats, by claiming he is equally rude in closed-door meetings. Too bad that you were the one caught on tape. To Stenger's credit, at least his unsavoury tongue lashed out at another politician and not some poor kid.


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