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15 May 2006

Republican files for 43rd

Just checked the PDC and a Republican has filed for the race to replace Ed Murray in the state House. The candidate is somebody named Hugh Foskett, who apparently is a student at UW and looks more like Conor Oberst than a Republican. According to Stefan Sharkansky's voter database, he is 20 years old and is registered to vote in Bellevue (perhaps has since changed his registration, perhaps not). My prediction: 12%, but God bless him for trying.

Update: Upon further searching the PDC, another Republican has filed in the 43rd. Will Sohn, whom I cannot find any trace of online or in the voter database, is running against House Speaker Frank Chopp. Could be another UW student (that seems to be all who run the GOP line in that district), but whoever he is will be unlikely to beat Mark Griswold's literally strong performance of over 15% in 2004. That is, unless he has a bitching lip ring like Mr. Foskett.


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