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28 April 2006

Finkbeiner to leave Senate, I'm sad

Tacoma's News Tribune reported today that Republican Sen. Bill Finkbeiner, just about the last moderate in the GOP caucus (still miss you, Don Carlson), is leaving the legislature after 12 years in the Senate preceded by two in the House. Finkbeiner's courageous vote to finally pass ESHB2661 earlier this year was the capstone on a legislative career that began when he was my age and saw him go from a Democrat to Senate GOP leader, all the while occupying the ideological center of the chamber. I am very sad to see Sen. Finkbeiner retire, especially given that he was a good bet for reelection this fall. I hope that after a few years in private life he will choose to return to politics, he's the type of Republican who could be successful in a statewide race or even in Ron Sims' likely open position come 2009.

Libertarian-leaning Rep. Toby Nixon [R-Kirkland] immediately announced he would run for the Republican nomination to Finkbeiner's seat, and would likely be favoured over announced Democrat Eric Oemig (assuming no other Democrats run -- Larry Springer, Laura Ruderman, etc.). Nixon is a decent guy, but he will have some big shoes to fill.


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