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13 March 2007

Dino's still coy, is anybody surprised?

I'm not, and while I'd generally love for all the 2008 matchups to start to take shape this early, I don't think he has to jump into anything 18 months before the campaign would be getting into full swing. I also am not looking forward to this rematch (aside from the potential of kicking Gregoire out of office, of course) if the level of partisan hyperbole is already at such a nauseating level as is evidenced in the P-I article discussion linked above. As far as I'm concerned, this fight can wait.

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At 9:57 AM, Blogger Mike Barer said...

I'm not saying that Governor Gregoire isn't gullable, but I don't think that Rossi would run as strong in '08 unless there was a huge Republican tidal wave to sweep him in. There may be more negative coverage available in the next couple of years.

At 7:55 PM, Blogger TMW said...

Gregoire is still far from popular, and remains a very polarizing figure in the state. The most recent SurveyUSA polled her approval at 49%, which I believe underscores the trouble she's having drawing support beyond her liberal base. I think Democrats have been far too dismissive of the potential of her losing reelection based on their successes last year and their personal fondness of the governor in particular. It's true that Democrats and Gregoire aren't going to play nice next time around, but they need to tread lightly in doing so since Rossi's affable persona makes him a much more difficult sort of candidate to attack than your run-of-the-mill politician. There also will not be any shortage of potential attacks from the GOP side considering that the Democratic supermajorities will make it easy to pin any minor government problem on Gregoire.


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