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23 February 2007

Murphy out, McCain wins endorsement

Yesterday, David Ammons reported that our three-term Democratic state treasurer, Mike Murphy, will retire at the end of his term. Murphy also says he's aiming to shoot down proposed Supersonics and NASCAR deals the state is considering, and wants to make the office he's vacating the state's second nonpartisan statewide office. I had rated his retirement potential as moderate during my statewide speculative piece last December, so I'm pleased to have not been way off the mark on that, but am disappointed that Ammons did not speculate on any candidacies for the vacancy. I was not sure who might run for the position on the Republican side then, nor am now, though I think Thurston County Treasurer Robin Hunt might be taking a shot on the Democratic side. She ran for state auditor in 1992 but lost the Democratic line to Brian Sonntag (who has said he will seek a fifth term in 2008). Any other speculations for candidates on this now wide-open race is much appreciated.

In other news, GOP presidential candidate John McCain has received the endorsement from the state's highest Republican officeholder, Attorney General Rob McKenna. Other GOP statewide officeholders, Sam Reed and Doug Sutherland, have not offered presidential endorsements and Reed says he does not intend to because of his responsibilities as secretary of state.

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