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02 January 2008

McKenna v. Ladenburg taking shape

It appears that Democrats have finally gotten around to nudging outgoing Pierce County Exec. John Ladenburg into the attorney general race, as the potential candidate says he'll make a decision within the month. McKenna has had a first term relatively free of scandal and is seemingly a good bet for reelection, but considering how dominant the Democratic Party has been since his ten-point 2004 victory a strong Democrat like Ladenburg will have ample opportunity to give the incumbent a scare.

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At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who considers themselves a strong Democrat, I am very supportive of McKenna's run for another term. His tenure at the AG's office has been characterized by supportive management and good legal practices, for the most part. I would bet if you asked employees of the AG's office who they preferred to work for, the majority would say McKenna over Gregoire in a heartbeat.


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