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12 August 2005

Strategic Vision releases Cantwell/McGavick poll

Republican polling group Strategic Vision has released a poll that shows, notably, that incumbent Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell leads presumed GOP opponent Mike McGavick by eight points, 46 to 38. SV notes Cantwell is under 50% in their poll, but, after adjusting for partisan bias, she's more than likely hovering around that mark. I have a hard time believing McGavick could already be within single digits of Cantwell, but ultimately I expect to see him prove to be a strong, moderate contender.

In addition to the Senate poll, SV did us the honour of showing our cherished governor remains nearly as popular as pool algae. The head-to-head matchup with Dino Rossi for 2008 was a little tacky given the length of time until then and that everybody knows Rossi would wipe the floor with her in the state's current environment and mood even without them putting it in print once again.

In closing, it appears Washington Democrats overwhelmingly want Sen. Hillary Clinton to be the presidential nominee in 2008 with my personal preferences, Evan Bayh and Joe Biden, each drawing 1%. Washington Republicans are split between former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sen. John McCain, which is a little more promising for centrism in this country, at least until [insert conservative opponent here] runs negative ads saying Giuliani loves gays and killing babies. Is that necessarily a bad thing?


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