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22 October 2005

Rich Reichert

The Seattle Times reported today that first-term Republican Rep. Dave Reichert has raised close to $1M in anticipation for a tough reelection fight, dwarfing all other regional incumbents and his two major Democratic challengers. This is good news for the Eastside freshman, who has been targeted early by the DCCC and unfairly labeled as "too conservative for his district" over and over again. Nevermind that in his short Congressional career he's firmly placed himself in the moderate-conservative John McCain "maverick" camp, breaking with his party on several notable issues, including Tom DeLay's ethical problems and federal non-discrimination rights for gays and lesbians. Jennifer Dunn did a good job for a long time of appearing more moderate to her district than her voting record showed, and with Reichert beginning to compile a more liberal record than Dunn, a safe six-term incumbent, I tend to think Reichert's "vulnerable" label will expire following the 2006 elections. National anti-Republican sentiment can only go so far, and accomplishes nothing by voting out one of the increasingly rare fair-minded Republicans in Congress.


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