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24 September 2005

Still too close to call

Even on the weekend after the primary election, the race against Bob Ferguson and Carolyn Edmonds still goes on. Ferguson grew his lead yesterday, but Edmonds took the lead back late and currently is winning by 79 votes. Not that i'd want such a thing again, but just to point out, the current margin is within the 0.5% spread requiring a recount. Ferguson's lead prior to Edmonds taking it back was 0.7%, so just to put it in perspective, anything can still happen.

In other annoyingly close election news, Steve Corker is leading Judith Gilmore by 46 votes in the race for the second general election spot for Spokane's City Council. Regardless of who advances, the general will send a Democrat against Republican first place finisher Nancy McLaughlin. A Gilmore victory will make things difficult on who to support, since Corker's big plus is his experience, and that despite her fiscal conservatism, every other word out of McLaughlin's mouth is "family." Politicians like that can take their families and shove it.


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