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04 October 2005

Another step backwards for personal freedom in Seattle

The Seattle City Council voted, albeit by a smaller margin than expected, to ban lap dances in city strip clubs, among other restrictions on adult entertainment. Patrons will no longer be able to be within four feet of performers, and the performers will potentially be forced to wear more clothes than previously. As stated in previous posts, such limits on an adult's freedom to view such attractions is appalling in a city as supposedly liberal as Seattle. One would expect to hear a story like this about small towns and conservative cities in so-called "red states," not the bluest area in the "blue state" in which we reside. This law restricts both the business and the patron in favour of controlling the lifestyle of the citizenry through "big brother" tactics. The libertarian votes cast by councilmembers Peter Steinbrueck, Nick Licata, Tom Rasmussen, and Jean Godden are appreciated.


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