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23 October 2005

Sims going down, hard

A SurveyUSA poll released three days ago has Republican candidate for King County executive, David Irons, leading the race in the solid Democratic county. The previous poll had Sims leading by a small percentage, but did not include Green Party candidate Gentry Lange, who took 7% in the most recent poll. Irons drew 46% to Sims' 43%, which is within the margin of error (but still something to celebrate, of course). Irons did best amongst males, younger voters, self-described Independents, and Hispanics, while Sims did best amongst the elderly, African Americans, and liberals. Dissatisfaction with Sims by liberal Democrats amounted to a 10% showing for Lange, and 15% from self-described liberals. With Irons easily winning Independents and tying Sims for moderates and in-denial liberals (see previous posts on SurveyUSA polls), and Sims admitting his campaign is going into full mudslinging mode, I smell an upset in the making. Roll over, Tim Hill.


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