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18 December 2005

Appointments abound!

Just a reminder, tomorrow night at the Spokane City Council meeting the appointment to fill the remainder of Jim West's term will occur. It is widely assumed the Council will pick their own leader, interim mayor and elected Council President Dennis Hession, to occupy the office until the fall of 2007. Barring the unexpected, this would leave his current position open to any of the other six members of the city council, and, I suppose that after one of them moves up that would leave their council district seat open for a future appointment. I haven't heard any councilmembers come out and say they want Hession's job, but considering that Al French lost that race in 2003 there ought to be a pretty good chance he'll take a shot. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Brad Stark go for it, but i'm definitely looking forward to watching City Access tomorrow night. [Nerd]


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