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12 December 2005

Note to Rep. Ahern -- Please shut it

First, I saw some guy on CNN bitching about nothing. Then, I heard about several religious right think tanks bitching about nothing. Now, a representative from the district adjacent to mine is bitching about nothing. If it were not already apparent, the arrogant attitude by religious conservatives peeves me to no end. Is it not enough that your puppets control all branches of government and let you get your way on damn near everything? Is it really important that the state sanctions your personal beliefs while paying no heed to those who believe differently? Listen, getting all up in a huff over the terminology difference between "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" is not worth bitching over, and throwing holiday cards from President Bush away because it doesn't pander to your narrow beliefs is immature and arrogant. Rep. Ahern notes in the article linked from this Camden post that "we are a Judeo-Christian nation." Did you fail Government 101? Seriously.

I'm really growing tired of the politics of divisiveness like this. As of late, it seems politics is all about one group seeking restrict the rights of another group, and it is truly saddening. Whether it be the evangelical crowd against everybody else, homosexuals, or non-smokers versus smokers, this behaviour needs to stop. Take a step back and realize that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and the Constitution doesn't grant you the right to take another person's rights away because they think differently than you, even if you are in the majority.


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