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12 December 2005

First round of legislative endorsements

Based mostly on boredom, I put up a group of banners on some state legislators I'm definitely supporting for reelection, at least for those legislators who still have campaign sites up or are that much ahead of the game. Here's a short list of reasonable legislators worthy of another term, all of which are members of the House of Representatives:

Rep. Gary Alexander [R-Olympia]
Rep. Shirley Hankins [R-Richland]
Rep. Ross Hunter [D-Medina]
Rep. Fred Jarrett [R-Mercer Island]
Rep. Mark Miloscia [D-Federal Way]
Rep. Jeff Morris [D-Guemes Island]
Rep. Skip Priest [R-Federal Way]
Rep. Dave Quall [D-Mount Vernon]
Rep. Pat Sullivan [D-Covington]
Rep. Rodney Tom [R-Medina]
Rep. Dave Upthegrove [D-Des Moines]
Rep. Maureen Walsh [R-Walla Walla]


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