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20 December 2005

SurveyUSA national governors poll

December's SurveyUSA national approval poll for state governors was released today, with our beloved governess coming in 39th of 50 in net approval-disapproval rating. Chris Gregoire, who has yet to hold a positive approval rating among reputable polls, scored a 43% approval and 50% disapproval rating, which is essentially equal to her November score. It'll probably take a dive come 2007 when her spending spree of next year will lead to another tax hike and spell an early doom for her reelection opportunities (if it hasn't already happened). Not to go off on a tangent, but she'd probably do her party a favour by not running again and allow them to nominate John Ladenburg or somebody else who can still stand up to Dino Rossi. Just a thought, Gov.

Liberal Republican Gov. Jodi Rell [R-CT] is once again the nation's most popular executive, followed closely by other continual favourites John Hoeven [R-ND] and Mike Rounds [R-SD]. John Lynch [D-NH] is the nation's most popular Democratic executive, fifth overall. Neighbouring Govs. Dirk Kempthorne [R-ID] and Ted Kulongoski [D-OR] fared differently, with Kulongoski slightly more popular than Gregoire and Kempthorne breaking the top half by coming in 19th nationwide.


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