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19 December 2005

Surprise! Gov loose with truth again

You knew Chris Gregoire was blowing hot air up our collective rears with her fiscal conservative bunk she was spreading after reports this year's new tax package provided the state with a budget surplus. She already lied about her spending intents on her first budget, I'd say as soon as it became apparent her party had taken both houses of the legislature, but we know she was rather late showing up for work. Saving the surplus would have been the intelligent thing to do, considering her first budget mostly delayed bill payment until 2007, but in the classic Mike Lowry fashion she's embraced since in office, she intends to blow part of it on new programs -- in addition to whatever legislative Democrats want to spend it on.

I find it pretty telling that she goes from saying "we are on a good budget" and "if I look out to the next biennium, we start in a hole." Yep, she's such a fiscal conservative, just like Mike Lowry!


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