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25 May 2006

Polls galore

Condensed numbers from May pollsters are below.

Senate race:
Rasmussen Reports [I], 5/8 -- Cantwell 46/McGavick 41
Strategic Vision [R], 5/19-5/21 -- Cantwell 47/McGavick 42

Despite Strategic Vision being a partisan outfit, their numbers echo Rasmussen's numbers from earlier in the month. This could mean Rasmussen's was off (April's poll was 48-40), or that SV's was unbiased.

Cantwell approval polls:
Strategic Vision [R], 5/19-5/21 -- 48 Approve/36 Diapprove
SurveyUSA [I], 5/12-5/15 -- 52 Approve/39 Disapprove

Again, Strategic Vision's is pretty close to the independent pollster. Last month, their approval poll on Cantwell was more favourable than SurveyUSA's. In addition to these, Rasmussen Reports showed 25% of respondents held a "very favourable" opinion of Cantwell versus 21% with a "very unfavourable." Mike McGavick's were similar at 17/16. I don't care to post Patty Murray's numbers because we don't have another chance to kick her out until 2010.

Gregoire approval polls:
Strategic Vision [R], 5/19-5/21 -- 39 Approve/51 Disapprove
SurveyUSA [I], 5/12-5/14 -- 50 Approve/44 Disapprove

Here we see a clear difference between the two. I'm guessing that true feelings are nearer to SurveyUSA's, whose polls once ran par with SV's consistently-poor ratings but have since raised. Still, Gregoire is in the nation's lower half in governor approvals and 50/44 is far from a ringing endorsement of policy. Strategic Vision also showed a much more difficult to spin 60% of respondents believing the state is headed in the "wrong" direction, versus 28% answering in the "right" direction. They also polled her head-to-head against Dino Rossi (as usual), but I don't really care about polls for elections more than two years out.


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