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10 August 2006

It's in the Times

I found two noteworthy articles in the Local section of today's Seattle Times. The first is a right good profile of Green Party US Senate candidate Aaron Dixon. The text contains blunt commentary on incumbent Sen. Maria Cantwell [D], including the juicy statement that he would not be unhappy if his candidacy drew enough votes to elect a Senator Mike McGavick. Given that I have no declared horse in this race, and in spite of that Dixon is the only of the four main projected general election candidates I can say with 100% certaintly I would not vote for in any scenario, I admit I'm glad he is in the race. His candidacy makes this race take on a new facet and is all the more enjoyable for politicos.

Elsewhere, Mercer Island apparently elected a crook. Two-term Councilman Sven Goldmanis was arrested yesterday on suspicion of theft and fraud, stemming from a false insurance claim on approximately $10,000 worth of missing watches (who the hell has that much money invested in watches in the first place?). Councilman Goldmanis is now being held in the King County jail.


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