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03 February 2007

White, Vaska up for US Attorney job

According to a post by the P-I's Joel Connelly (linked above), former north Seattle Congressman Rick White and 2004 attorney general candidate Michael Vaska are pursuing the US Attorney spot for western Washington. The spot was vacated by John McKay, who was first appointed to the spot in October 2001, and is filled in the interim by former Yakima County Prosecutor Jeff Sullivan. White has been out of office since being defeated by Jay Inslee for a third term in 1998, but was courted to run against Maria Cantwell last year, whom he defeated in the 1994 GOP sweep.

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At 4:19 PM, Anonymous peter said...

I think it is interesting Vaska is in the running. In '04 when he ran against McKenna for the GOP AG nomination he was asked by everyone to not. Doesn't seem like he would have a lot of favor with GOP officials in the nomination process. I am surprised someone like John Groen isn't in the running, unless he is going to run for the SC next cycle.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger TMW said...

Yeah, I really liked Vaska when he was running for attorney general but still voted for McKenna in the primary because I wanted somebody I knew could beat Senn, and he's pretty decent in his own right. However, since Vaska is pretty liberal for a Republican and doesn't kowtow to party goons, I'd have to imagine White would be the preferred choice of the two. I certainly hope Vaska runs for office again, he'd be a credible candidate for a legislative seat or an open county council or Congressional race.


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