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29 March 2007

Three's a crowd for Hession

Two days ago the Spokesman Review reported what had been rumoured weeks before, that Mary Verner, a liberal member of the City Council, is jumping into this fall's mayoral race. Initially appointed in 2004, Verner was overwhelmingly retained in 2005 in her downtown/south hill district. Her entry causes potential problems for Dennis Hession, who would have otherwise enjoyed support of most Spokane liberals, and could very well continue the recent tradition of incumbent mayors coming in third in the primary. Assuming no other credible candidates enter (it's early, but the field is already rather crowded), I suspect Al French will win the primary with support in the low 40s while Hession and Verner split the liberal vote. If Verner is indeed able to win a spot in the general with French the race will be a barnburner.

For those who remember all the way back to 2005, I supported Verner in her run for a full term to the Council. I like her and find her to be an honest and hardworking public servant, and although French remains my choice in the race I think Verner too would be a good mayor. With any luck, such a general election will occur and the city will have a choice between two fine candidates.

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