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01 June 2007

Ferguson likely to run for Maleng position

King County Councilman Bob Ferguson apparently has his eyes set on the Democratic nomination for the open county prosecuting attorney race, according to party officials. He says he has yet to decide, but the Democratic Party is already beginning to get behind him as their candidate. On the GOP side, acting incumbent Dan Satterberg says he will be running for the GOP, and the two most potentially-attractive possible GOP candidates, Reagan Dunn and John McKay, immediately endorsed him for the nomination. Former Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran is also reported to be considering running for the Democratic nomination, but the party seems to be moving firmly towards Ferguson. That's quite a rarity for him, considering that he's had to run against candidates favoured by party bosses in both his county council runs so far.

A Ferguson-Satterberg matchup would pit two very different resum├ęs against each other, as laid out in the linked article. Ferguson worked several years in law but was never a prosecutor, yet has had a short but spectacular political career. Satterberg, in contrast, has extensive prosecutorial experience through his ~15 year career as Maleng's chief of staff, but has never run for office. In an election, though, I'm afraid Ferguson has a certain upper hand.

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