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17 May 2007

McKay to run for office?

Today's P-I reported that former US Atty. John McKay will be speaking with Mainstream Republicans in the near future and speculate he may run for office now that he's out of a job. They don't mention any in particular, but the one they seem to dance around throughout the article is the upcoming governor's race, and given that Dino Rossi has yet to commit to it that may indeed be McKay's intention. Considering that he's a moderate Republican in a state where only moderate Republicans can win statewide, it seems to me he has the potential to be a bright spot in a barely-relevant state GOP, and despite that his recent notoriety has been a result of fighting with the Bush Administration, the party ought to latch onto him while they have the chance. Whether he does want to run for governor or not, keeping him around as a potentially-strong candidate for another office would be quite advantageous given their decimated statewide bench.



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