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11 May 2007

Spotlight on Federal Way

This fall, four of Federal Way's seven city council districts are up for election, with only one incumbent thus far filing for reelection. However, as far as I know, only Councilman Dean McColgan has announced he will not be running for another term, and two moderately-known Republican women are thus far pursuing the opening. Renee Maher, who lost a race last fall to Senator Tracey Eide, recently announced a run at the seat. Also running is Dini Duclos, who got thumped by Councilman Eric Faison in 2005 despite easily winning the fundraising game. I assume there will be at least one more decently-known candidate to enter this race (presumably a Democrat), but for now I suspect Maher will have an edge over Duclos.

In the other races, incumbents Jim Ferrell, Michael Park, and Jack Dovey are thus far unopposed, though Ferrell is the only one filed.



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