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07 June 2007

Filing week: Day 4

The following are today's new filings for the fourth day of filing week, with the previous entries once again shaded green.  Notable in today's filing is the re-emergence of Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson, who will be challenging Dow Constantine in the Democratic primary for the 8th King County Council district.  Also notable is the entry of Kirke Sievers into the open Snohomish County Treasurer race, which had previously only drawn one candidate.  I had not seen any indication from Sievers previously to show he was interested in the position.

Senate Dist. 14: Jim Clements [R-incumbent], Curtis King [R].
Senate Dist. 19: Brian Hatfield [D-incumbent].

Clark County
Vancouver City Council Pos. 4: Tim Leavitt [incumbent].
Vancouver City Council Pos. 5: Larry Smith [incumbent].
Vancouver City Council Pos. 6: Pat Campbell, Dan Tonkovich [incumbent].

King County
County Council Dist. 2: Larry Gossett [D-incumbent].
County Council Dist. 4: Larry Phillips [D-incumbent].
County Council Dist. 6: Jane Hague [R-incumbent].
County Council Dist. 8: Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson [D].
Assessor: Scott Noble [D-incumbent].
Prosecuting Attorney: Dan Satterberg [R], Keith Scully [D].
Seattle Port Commission Pos. 2: Wen Wu Lee, Thom McCann, Gael Tarleton.
Seattle Port Commission Pos. 5: Bill Bryant, Alec Fisken [incumbent], Stephen Symms.

Bellevue City Council Pos. 1: Grant Degginger [incumbent].
Bellevue City Council Pos. 3: John Chelminiak [incumbent], Valentina Kiselev.
Bellevue City Council Pos. 5: Claudia Balducci [incumbent].
Bellevue City Council Pos. 7: Keri Andrews, Phil Noble [incumbent].
Federal Way City Council Pos. 1: Jim Ferrell [incumbent].
Federal Way City Council Pos. 3: Mike Park [incumbent].
Federal Way City Council Pos. 5: Jack Dovey [incumbent], Roger Freeman.
Federal Way City Council Pos. 7: Dini Duclos, Hope Elder, Eric Stavney.
Kent City Council Pos. 1: Deborah Ranniger [incumbent].
Kent City Council Pos. 3: Les Thomas [incumbent].
Kent City Council Pos. 5: Debbie Raplee [incumbent].
Kent City Council Pos. 7: Ron Harmon [incumbent].
Seattle City Council Pos. 1: Jean Godden [incumbent].
Seattle City Council Pos. 3: Bruce Harrell, Al Runte, Venus Velázquez.
Seattle City Council Pos. 5: Tom Rasmussen [incumbent].
Seattle City Council Pos. 7: Tim Burgess, David Della [incumbent].
Seattle City Council Pos. 9: Sally Clark [incumbent].

Pierce County
Port Commission Pos. 3: Bill Casper, Jim Hoard, Dave Hyres, Don Johnson, David Lovell, Jerry Thorpe.
Port Commission Pos. 5: Clare Petrich [incumbent], Bernard Tuma.

Tacoma City Council Pos. 3: Donald Powell, Lauren Walker, Ronnie Allen Warren.
Tacoma City Council Pos. 7 (at-large): Julie Anderson [incumbent].
Tacoma City Council Pos. 8 (at-large): Marty Campbell, David Curry, Jonathan Phillips.

Snohomish County
Executive: Aaron Reardon [D-incumbent], Jack Turk [R].
County Council Dist. 2: Jean Berkey [D], William E. Cooper [R], Brian Sullivan [D].
County Council Dist. 3: Mike Cooper [D], Renee Radcliff Sinclair [R].
Assessor: Cindy Portmann [incumbent].
Auditor: Carolyn Diepenbrock [incumbent].
Clerk: Bob Dantini, Sonya Kraski, Ronald Ledford.
Sheriff: Rob Beidler, Tom Greene, John Lovick.
Treasurer: Jerry Lindsley, Kirke Sievers.

Everett City Council Pos. 4: Charlene Rawson, Jim Staniford, John Henry Williams.
Everett City Council Pos. 5: Drew Nielsen [incumbent].
Everett City Council Pos. 6: Brenda Stonecipher [incumbent].
Everett City Council Pos. 7: Shannon Affholter, Jackie Minchew, David Simpson.

Spokane County
Spokane Mayor: Al French, Dennis Hession [incumbent], Robert Kroboth, Michael Noder.
Spokane City Council President: Rob Crow, Barbara Lampert, Joe Shogan [incumbent].
Spokane City Council Dist. 1: Donna McKereghan, Robert Stokes Jr.
Spokane City Council Dist. 2: Richard Rush, Brad Stark [incumbent].
Spokane City Council Dist. 3: Dan Peck, John Waite.
Spokane Valley City Council Pos. 2: Steve Taylor [incumbent].
Spokane Valley City Council Pos. 3: David Crosby.
Spokane Valley City Council Pos. 6: Bill Gothmann [incumbent].



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