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09 January 2008

A rare GOP recruiting success

The Central Kitsap Reporter reported today that Kistap County Commissioner Jan Angel will run against six-term Rep. Pat Lantz this November. Lantz has had several close calls but won about as comfortably as one can expect in the 26th last cycle with her 13-point victory over Republican Beckie Krantz. Angel chose to run against Lantz instead of freshman Rep. Larry Seaquist because of the likelihood that the 70-year-old Lantz would retire following the upcoming legislative session, but says she's committed to the race whether or not Lantz runs.

Given recent GOP fortunes in swing districts I'm quite hesitant to predict a pickup, but with Angel's recognition from her multiple countywide wins in Kitsap it would not be out of the question that she could win this race. She won her last term by 7% in 2004, and the 26th is also the most GOP-friendly district in Kitsap.

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