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28 March 2008

GOP challenge for Swecker

Lewis County Senator Dan Swecker got a primary challenge today from an ex-legislator. Neal Kirby represented northwest Washington as a Democrat for one year in 1990 when then-Rep. Tom Bristow resigned his seat. Kirby did not seek reelection in that fall's elections, where Bob Morton got his start by being elected to his first term (thanks for that, Neal). That makes Kirby the last Democrat to represent the 7th legislative district, but somewhere along the line he apparently switched parties and will be running for the 20th district Senate seat as a Republican.

Much as I'd adore seeing Swecker go down to pretty much anybody, I'm skeptical that anything will come of this challenge. Kirby has not run an actual campaign that I'm aware of and hasn't served in the legislature for almost 20 years. Beyond that, he's running on the opposite side of the state from where he served, so virtually any advantage he would have had as an ex-legislator is erased. He seems to be running to Swecker's right, as he's critical of the incumbent for being too conciliatory to Chris Gregoire and majority Democrats.

Also running for the seat is Democrat Chuck Bojarski, whom Swecker defeated in his last reelection campaign.

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