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01 February 2008

Profile: Dr. Chang Mook Sohn

Linked above is a very in-depth profile of Dr. Chang Mook Sohn from the Kore-Am Journal. Sohn has served as executive director of the state's Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, and according to the article, is poised to launch a campaign for state treasurer as a Democrat. I haven't seen any reports in the mainstream media about his candidacy aside from a blurb a few months back speculating a run, but if the Journal's reporting is accurate it seems that he is now in the race.

Sohn's entry creates a contested Democratic primary as Seattle Rep. Jim McIntire has been in the race for several months. Given that Sohn is pretty universally-respected and had a nonpartisan reputation as budget forecaster, Democrats will have a clear choice whether to nominate the moderate Sohn (and thereby providing a potentially-attractive crossover option for Republicans and Independents) or to make things difficult on themselves by opting for the very liberal McIntire. Republicans are running Allan Martin, currently the assistant to Democratic incumbent Mike Murphy, and in a matchup against McIntire seem likely to capture the office they haven't held in generations. Murphy will soon be seeking to make the treasurer's office nonpartisan, and a choice between Martin and Dr. Sohn would offer the state an independent-minded treasurer in the Murphy tradition, whether the office becomes nonpartisan or not.

Hat tip: Roesler.

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