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08 February 2008

Rep. Schindler to retire

Another legislative GOPer will soon be leaving, according to Richard Roesler with the Spokesman Review. Rep. Lynn Schindler [R-Otis Orchards] will not be running for a sixth term for her largely-rural Spokane County seat. No Democrat had yet filed, and even in an open seat situation a Democrat will have a difficult time in a district they haven't won in close to 15 years. Perhaps the GOP will look to the Spokane Valley City Council for its candidate? Last I checked the entire Council were at least privately GOP.

Personally, I find this announcement as a surprise. I had expected a 4th district retirement this year, but thought it would be Senator McCaslin given his advanced age.

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At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'd say that the 4th is mostly suburban, as it contains the cities of Spokane Valley, Millwood, and Liberty Lake. Together the population of those cities is approaching 100,000.

You're right about McCaslin, though. There are a number of people in the region, especially Republicans, who are saying that it's time for his retirement. The only possible reason he'd run is so that he could hand the office over to the PCO's to select a replacement rather than create an open seat. Personally, I'd find that disrespectful of the voters.

His opponent, Judi Owens, is a conservative Democrat, though, with significant local government experience and the support of the state party and unions. With lagging enthusiasm for his candidacy within his own party, he may well be standing in the way of a new Republican from keeping that seat if he doesn't take Owens seriously.

At 7:48 PM, Blogger TMW said...

I think one can classify the 4th as both suburban and rural. I chose the latter as it stretches outward from Spokane Valley to the border, encompassing many rural areas as well. I actually grew up in the 4th and went to school in the valley.

I agree with your assessment of the district's Senate race. Democrats seem to have found a quality candidate in Owens and anytime you have a municipal officeholder running I think the name recognition factor provides an additional advantage. Running against an aging incumbent provides her another advantage. The GOP should consider handing the reins over to a young up and comer like Steve Taylor.

I'm no Democrat, but I'm also upbeat about their chances in the 6th district against Ahern. He's been putting his foot in his knee-jerk rightist mouth a lot lately and was awfully conservative for that district even before it elected Marr and Barlow.

Thanks for reading.


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