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04 June 2008

Filing week update

Halfway through filing week, here are the current crop of candidates for statewide office:

Governor: John W. Aiken, Jr. [R], Christine Gregoire [D], Christopher Tudor [None]
Lieutenant Governor: Brad Owen [D]
Secretary of State: C. Mark Greene [Party of Commons], Marilyn Montgomery [Constitution], Jason Osgood [D], Sam Reed [R]
Treasurer: Allan Martin [R], Jim McIntire [D]
Auditor: Glenn Freeman [Constitution], Brian Sonntag [D]
Attorney General: John Ladenburg [D], Rob McKenna [R]
Commissioner of Public Lands: Peter Goldmark [D], Doug Sutherland [R]
OSPI: David Blomstrom, Randy Dorn, Don Hansler
Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler [D]



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