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08 January 2009

Welcome back, Rob

Ever since all the decent candidates chickened out of the Sherill Huff coronation, I haven't felt a whole lot like blogging. That changed today, when I read that Robert Rosencrantz is running again for city council in Seattle. Rosencrantz is the personification of the type of public servant Seattle needs more of, i.e. a pragmatic, good-government liberal. He narrowly lost council primaries in 2003 and 2005, and while it's not yet known which council seat he is seeking, it is likely he will once again be a solid, credible candidate. Good to have you back, Rob.

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At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Elections Dirctor is a nonpartisan position and only one candidate has said he/she won't take party money - Dave Irons. This position should be above politics, concerned with efficiency and integrity. Only two candidates were rated qualified by the bipartisan team that sponsored the election of this position - and one was Dave Irons. Irons has experience, knowledge, a desire to serve, and has never been touched by political scandal...yet he is being scorned by you because of his past politics. Isn't that a big hypocritical when you want integrity and efficiency in government?

At 10:12 AM, Blogger TMW said...

Climb off the cross, Anon. I haven't said anything close to "persecuting" anybody (except in the eyes of overly-rabid supporters), and of all the elections director candidates Irons is one of the least I've talked about. Personally, I'm not inspired by him and he's a little too conservative for my tastes. I supported him against Sims in 2005 more because I thought Sims deserved to lose than any personal affinity for Irons, though the way Irons was hammered in the media for his family issues was absolutely shameful.

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Seattle DUI Attorney said...

Should be a good race. The Seattle Council needs new blood. Especially pragmatic new blood.

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At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Isaac said...

TMV, if you still read this, send me a message at Jim Kastama is running for Washington Secretary of State. You were one of his favorite blogs. We'd like to speak with you about elections policy.


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