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05 November 2008

Next day numbers

A lot has changed since last night's post, with the networks calling it for Gregoire while Rossi is keeping the faith. The 8th is a nailbiter again, as is the race for lands commissioner and OSPI, and to a lesser extent the open treasurer's seat. If we see ballots cast later trending towards Rossi at the top of the ticket then I could see the treasurer's race changing hands, but I'm thinking the spread is too much for Rossi to make a comeback. There are a lot of legislative seats still up in the air, so this post is primarily meant as an update on those. Turns out I left off a couple more House seats from the prediction sheet aside from the 25th district one I caught in time. The 17th and 10th district had races that should have been factored in and I missed them, so depending on how future counts end up it could mean the difference in one or two seats changing hands.

Key Senate races:
LD2 - Sen. Marilyn Rasmussen [D] leads Randi Becker 51-49
LD10 - Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen [D] leads Linda Haddon 53-47
LD17 - David Carrier [D] leads Sen. Don Benton 50.1-49.9
LD18 - Sen. Joe Zarelli [R] leads Jon Haugen 53.5-46.5

Key House races:
LD5 - Rep. Glenn Anderson [R] leads David Spring 50.5-49.5
LD6 - Kevin Parker [R] leads Rep. Don Barlow 51-49, John Driscoll [D] leads Rep. John Ahern 51-49
LD8 - Brad Klippert [R] leads Carol Moser 51.5-48.5
LD10 - Tim Knue [D] leads Rep. Norma Smith 51-49
LD14 - Norm Johnson [R] leads Vickie Ybarra 53-47
LD16 - Rep. Bill Grant [D] leads Terry Nealey 54-46
LD17 - Tim Probst [D] leads Joseph James 57-43
LD25 - Bruce Dammeier [R] leads Rob Cerqui 50.5-49.5
LD26 - Jan Angel [R] leads Kim Abel 51-49
LD30 - Rep. Skip Priest [R] leads Carol Gregory 51-49
LD39 - Rep. Dan Kristiansen [R] leads Scott Olson 52.5-47.5
LD41 - Marcie Maxwell [D] leads Steve Litzow 54-46
LD42 - Rep. Doug Ericksen [R] leads Mark Flanders 53-47
LD44 - Rep. Liz Loomis [D] leads Mike Hope 53-47
LD45 - Rep. Roger Goodman [D] leads Toby Nixon 55-45
LD47 - Rep. Geoff Simpson [D] leads Mark Hargrove 54-46



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