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04 November 2008

Early returns - 9pm

So, yeah, Obama won. My state by state map I did for Eli at The Stranger's little contest is looking promising so far, with no mistakes yet. Should MT, NC, and IN fall to McCain and Obama takes MO then it'll be flawless, but at this point I'm feeling doubtful about MT and IN. So far on the statewide front we've got ridiculously close races for governor (as expected) and treasurer, with slightly larger leads for Doug Sutherland for lands commissioner and Randy Dorn for OSPI. I love the interface is using for statewide contests but it's a bitch to load, and it's even harder to load the legislative races. From what I've seen in so far the 6th district is very close with both challengers narrowly leading incumbents, which if it holds would mean parties would trade seats with new Reps. John Driscoll [D] and Kevin Parker [R].

As of right now, here's what's going on in the close statewide races:

Rossi 51.4
Gregoire 48.6

Martin 51.4
McIntire 48.6

Sutherland 53.3
Goldmark 46.7

Dorn 51.3
Bergeson 48.7

EDIT: Just looked at new legislative races, close races going on in the 8th with nutty Klippert currently leading 51.5-48.5, Tim Knue up 50.7-49.3 in the 10th, Vickie Ybarra doing better than expected but still down to Norm Johnson 52.7-47.3 in the 14th, Bill Grant edging Terry Nealey 50.6-49.4 in my own backyard of the 16th in a close one I didn't see coming, David Carrier beating Don Benton 50.1-49.9 in the 17th, Jan Angel leading in the 26th 50.8-49.2, Doug Ericksen leading a surprisingly close one in the 42nd 51.8-48.2, and Liz Loomis up 53.1-46.9 in the 44th. More to come.

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