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14 August 2005

District Democrat endorsements

Today's Seattle Times is covering the endorsements and lack thereof by district Democratic organizations in races for mayor and city council. As usual, some of these groups are making a lot of Greg Nickels' lack of opposition for reelection as mayor, and as usual, it becomes apparent that they dropped the ball in recruiting a suitable opponent and need to face that Nickels will be reelected because of it. A partial breakdown, due to some organizations having not updated their sites and an incomplete listing from this article:

34th Democrats:
Mayor: Nickels
Council: Richard Conlin, Nick Licata, and dually Dwight Pelz and Robert Rosencrantz

36th Democrats:
Council: Conlin, Licata, Pelz
Port Commission: Lawrence Molloy and Pat Davis, followed by a cop-out endorsement of four candidates in the open seat

37th Democrats:
Mayor: Nickels
Council: Conlin, Licata, dual endorsements of Jan Drago and Angel BolaƱos, dual endorsements of Richard McIver and Pelz

43rd Democrats:
Council: Conlin, Drago, Licata, Pelz

46th Democrats:
Council: Conlin, Licata, dual endorsement of Pelz and McIver

[Update: Thank you to The Stranger's "Slog" for being quicker to update than the aforementioned Democratic websites]

In closing, a brief item that is not newsworthy but slightly humourous nonetheless. The state Democratic website, in a hit piece against the state's three Republican members of Congress on the main page, incorrectly labeled Rep. Doc Hastings of Pasco as representing the fifth district right above listing (correctly) Rep. Cathy McMorris of Colville as also representing the fifth district. Normally i'm not one to care about federal issues, but in the name of joyfully pointing out the error of one of our two adored parties, I felt the need to add.


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