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16 August 2005

Trio of Seattle PI articles

Below are three articles in today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer that I recommend:

Democrats not always in Sims' corner
Highlights some higher-profile disagreements between Sims and Democratic members of the Council, notably the heroic Bob Ferguson. Note which Democratic councilman is absent from Sims' endorsement list while we're on the subject:

Congress should butt out on medical marijuana
An opinion piece by state Rep. Toby Nixon [R-Kirkland] urging the state to take the lead in protecting voter-approved medical marijuana legalization rather than trusting Congress to progress on the issue. Nixon, the Eastside's two-term libertarian conservative, does not trust Congress to stand up for the state's rights, a point of which i'm in complete agreement.

Logan to stay elections director
Proving what we all knew all along, once again Ron Sims and the current King County leadership have not learned their lesson. They claim "the job is Logan's to lose." Does he really deserve another chance? Bill Huennekens was axed for his ineptitude in running that department, why not his superior? It's behaviour like this that proves now more than ever that voters need to send Ron Sims and his goons out to pasture and put the county back in the charge of competent leaders.


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