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09 September 2005

More PI nonsense

Following their predictable endorsements for city council, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer "endorsed" Sue Rahr for county sheriff today, after insulting all three candidates repeatedly, including the one they just endorsed. How incredibly pretentious. If Rahr and others are "lousy choices" and she's the one who "comes closest" to showing decent leadership, don't make an endorsement. This hearkens back to the 2004 race for attorney general when they had to choose between a failed liberal politician in Deborah Senn and a mainstream centrist in Rob McKenna and acted as if it was such a tough decision between the two worst possible candidates the state could have possibly found. Listen up: if you don't like somebody, don't endorse them. Don't waste your readers' collective time by bellyaching for six paragraphs about the lack of a quality liberal in a race. All it's doing is pissing off readers who actually like whoever you're insulting.


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