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28 August 2005

Weekend update -- Why Seattle government stinks, poll released on I-912

Good article in today's Seattle Times about the complete lack of diverging ideology on the city council and how if you're to the left or right of being a liberal machine Democrat your campaign will be attacked and devoured as if by junk yard dogs. It's nice to see the Times calling out Jan Drago for her half-assed attacks for Casey Corr daring to show any independent-mindedness at all (as a journalist!) and quoting former Councilman Paul Kraabel on how the lack of differing opinion ultimately hurts the city. Also humourous is the heat candidate Darlene Madenwald has taken by endorsing (and being endorsed by) that horribly right-wing fundamentalist Doug Sutherland. It isn't as if he was mayor of liberal Tacoma or ran Democrat-leaning Pierce County for two terms as county executive...

In other news, Republican Portland-based pollster Moore Information has released a poll showing I-912 passing 55-39% with 7% undecided. Surprisingly average results given it was a Republican poll, but in looking at the question asked, not nearly as much so. By asking "How would you vote on State Initiative 912?" it's probably a safe guess that a chunk of respondents did not know the initiative by number and only by the issue at hand, which apparently was absent from the question. Sorry Senator Swecker, you're still going down. By the way, thanks for being one of the small sample of Republicans voting for that horrible transportation package so Democrats can claim "bipartisan support." If there's one thing the Senate doesn't need any more of, it's social authoritarians who abandon fiscal conservative policy freely.


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