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31 August 2005

Ed Murray may or may not have eyes on Senate, Congress

A trio of sources (here, here, and here) are speculating that openly gay state Rep. Ed Murray [D-Seattle] might be considering a run for the 43rd district of the state Senate or perhaps the 7th district of Congress. The Senate theory seems much more plausible for Murray, being that current incumbent Pat Thibaudeau is remarkably old, and that even in a primary contest he'd likely have a much better chance at her than at Jim McDermott. However, he'd be doing this state a huge favour by removing the gigantic stain McDermott has left on this state from his tenure in Congress, being known more for outlandish antics and comments than actually doing anything. Murray may be a solid liberal Democrat, but he's got a leg up on either one of the current officeholders of those seats, either ideologically, mentally, or both. One would assume he'd be at the top of the successor list if either seat opens up (moreso for Thibaudeau's), given that House-mate Frank Chopp would be unlikely to leave his Speakership. Stay tuned.



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