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26 August 2005

Anti I-912 strategy

I've read several editorials and opinion pieces in various newspapers around the state recently from the viewpoint of opposing Initiative 912, which repeals part of the recently passed gas tax before parts that have yet to go into effect can do so. These articles more often than not urge Chris Gregoire to use her office to speak out in opposition to the initiative. Hello? All that would do is make the thing pass with 65% instead of 60%. Much of the fuel behind the anti-gas tax movement is from people who are mad that 1) Gregoire raised what was already a higher than average gas tax, and 2) she lied through her teeth throughout the campaign about raising taxes. Gregoire consistently said she'd raise taxes as a last resort during the 2004 campaign, and what happened? Raised in her very first budget. Her gas tax is essentially what opponents claim, a large raise in per-gallon taxes to fund mostly urban Seattle transportation projects (nevermind that this whole thing should be a local and not state issue) and completely screw over border businesses in the process. The reason Gregoire is so unpopular is not entirely because people still think she didn't win the office fairly. There are always going to be some who will never give her a chance based on that, but she's doing a poor job of endearing herself to voters with policies like this that run contradictory to the platform she was elected on. Instead, she's become the sweetheart of the urban Seattle Democratic machine while giving the rest of the state (the part she didn't win, so damn us all) a big middle least until she needs to grab 40% of us to be reelected (good luck with that at this rate). This state may on-the-whole prefer Democrats to Republicans, but nobody likes stereotypical, dishonest politicians.


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