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09 September 2005

Seattle city council forum(s)

Today's Seattle Times carried an article overviewing yesterdays' City Club candidate forum, and to a lesser extent, The Stranger's Wednesday forum including more candidates. Read about that one more in-depth here. One thing became apparent after reading this article: the choices Seattle residents will have to make on this are important. You have a few mainstream choices amongst many liberals, leftists, and elitists. Whatever happened to the attractive side of liberalism protecting personal freedom? Why is it that these liberal elitists feel like they have the right to ban lap dances in strip clubs? It's ludicrous that in a city as liberal as Seattle they'd do something as reactionary as this. Thumbs up to Robert Rosencrantz and true freedom-loving left-wingers Linda Averill and Angel BolaƱos for having the balls to oppose this. Also, only Rosencrantz and Casey Corr possess brains? If the rest of them are partisan and hateful enough to say that President Bush doesn't care about African Americans, I pity the voters of Seattle. Bush might not care a whole lot about those who disagree with him, but to confine that to race is idiotic.

Thanks be to Twista for releasing "Slow Jamz" before Kanye West could do it himself.


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