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13 September 2005

West recall on, Edmonds goes negative yet again

Yesterday the Spokesman Review reported that supporters of the recall of Spokane Mayor Jim West expect the recall to be held on November 29 of this year. They've received about 16,000 signatures so far with 12,567 required. The countdown is now on for the swearing in of Mayor Dennis Hession.

In other news, the Seattle Times covered the increasingly negative Democratic primary between web log-favourite Bob Ferguson and the incessantly negative partisan liberal Carolyn Edmonds. Edmonds apparently isn't backing down from her idiotic claim that Ferguson opposes mass transit, with her attack site I've read several people noting the correct claim that Ferguson is the only member of the Council to use mass transit regularly, but I suppose anything goes when you're badly losing the fight for your job. The Times also quotes Ferguson pointing out how Edmonds' mind conveniently changed when she lost what was then the county Democratic nominating convention, which she was expected to win: "She touted [the convention] in her campaign literature until she lost — badly...there's a word for that: hypocrite. I think voters will see through that." Once again, Bob tells it like it is.


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