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20 September 2005

Early returns

With King County not reporting figures on their website yet, a potentially-close race is brewing in the packed race for Spokane City Council. Nancy McLaughlin is out to an early lead at 29% with 19% of ballots counted, with both Steve Corker and Judith Gilmore virtually tied at 25% of the vote. Corker leads Gilmore in raw votes 2,092 to 2,058. In the 2nd district race, Mary Verner is winning big with 60% of the vote.

-----Update #1-----
Reagan Dunn is cleaning up with 11% of ballots counted, taking 61% of the vote to Steve Hammond's 39%. On the Democratic side, with 8% counted Carolyn Edmonds leads Bob Ferguson 54-46. You can find results for King County at
I'm assuming these are pre-counted absentees, judging from King's claim of zero precincts having been counted.

-----Update #2-----
According to NWCN, Ron Sims is "winning" his primary right now with a meager 66% of the vote. If this holds, David Irons is looking even more viable than before. Also according to NWCN, McIver and Rosencrantz are currently leading the 8th position Seattle race, so keep your fingers crossed for Robert. is screwing up big time and I haven't been able to publish anything for 45 minutes now, but there's a very exciting finish going in the Ferguson/Edmonds race. Ferguson leads by only ten votes with 82% in, where the amount of write in votes is more than the current margin. In Port Commission races, John Creighton is surprising all with a solid first place against incumbent Lawrence Molloy, and incumbent Pat Davis is also winning easily. A tough three-way race for the open seat is brewing between Rich Berkowitz and Lloyd Hara, both with slightly over 25%, and Chris Cain on the outside looking in at 20%. There's also a close race for the top spot in the race for Kent mayor, with both Judy Woods and Suzette Cooke at slightly over 31%.

-----Update #3-----
Ferguson has extended his lead with 97% of precincts in to 51-49, and Steve Hammond has narrowed the gap against Reagan Dunn to 56-44 in races for King County Council. In Seattle races, Richard Conlin will face Paige Miller for position 2, Jan Drago will face Casey Corr for position 4, and while it's too close to call for good, it appears Richard McIver will face Dwight Pelz for position 8. With 98% of precincts in (and absentees left to count, of course), McIver leads with 37.6% to Pelz's 33% and Rosencrantz's 29.2%. In the open seat for Spokane City Council, conservative Nancy McLaughlin predictably made the general election, but does not yet have a challenger. Former Councilman Steve Corker currently trails fellow Democrat Judith Gilmore by twelve votes, 2426 to 2414. Joyce McNamee came in a distant fourth.


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