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23 October 2005

Stranger endorsements, must-read column

This week's issue of The Stranger includes their usual hilarious but still hella-left election endorsements, always worth a read, but also a well-written article on the subject of gay marriage as a whole and in relation to the predicted upcoming state Supreme Court ruling on a challenge to the unconstitutional state DOMA. I don't have much time to comment on the latter, but in short, I hope to see the Supreme Court make a rare good court decision and throw out the piece-of-shit DOMA. For starters, denying gays and lesbians not only marriage in name, but also any legally-recognized union, is not only unconstitutional but just plain mean. It's a classic game of "my rights are more important than yours," and the religious think they have the right to have everything their way. It's true, I even received an email from a family friend recently wanting me to sign some lame petition to television networks complaining that "God" is censored from their programming. As if having every branch of government in your Sunday best suit pocket isn't enough! If liberals ran the country and threw a bunch of initiatives on the ballot saying that the government wouldn't recognize Christian marriage because it violates the separation of church and state, would it be fair? Of course not. Now quit being holier-than-thou self-righteous jerks and keep your religion to yourselves.


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