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18 January 2006

The tale of two Dans

This Seattle Times article underscores with one Dan, Sen. Dan Swecker, everything that is wrong with the modern Republican Party. It also underscores with another Dan, former US Senator and Gov. Dan Evans, everything that was once right with the pre-Reagan Republican Party.

Dan Swecker apparently fancies himself some physical incarnate of Saint Peter, someone who he himself is destined for eternal heavenly bliss and doesn't hate gays -- he just wants to completely change them and allow them no rights -- so they too can be authoritarian pricks and get into "heaven." Swecker points out the verse of nutty-ass Leviticus declaring homosexuality an abomination, and then arrogantly talks as if he holds the secret of who does and does not partake in heavenly rapture. He believes businesses and landlords should have the right to deny a job, housing, etc. because they share his bigoted worldview. Methinks Swecker would shit himself if somebody attempted to grant the same parties the right to discriminate based on religion. Senator Swecker represents far too many in the Republican Party, one that is socially-intolerant and increasingly apt to abandon economic and fiscal conservatism in the name of big government. This is what we used to call a Dixiecrat. President Lincoln should be rolling over in his grave based on the actions of nationwide "Republicans" the past decade.

On the other hand, Dan Evans represents an ever-dwindling sect of the once-great GOP. When Evans ran the state, Republicans were the party of the libertarian-minded, people who believe in social and economic freedom. It was Republicans who gave the Johnson Administration the necessary votes to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was Republicans who set Roe v. Wade in place. Evans, in direct contrast to his first name counterpart, was quoted in this article as saying, "both our constitution and our form of government down through the two centuries we've been a nation has been to keep religion out of government. I think this is a case where that really applies...People can have their own beliefs, but to use those beliefs to deny equal rights to citizens ... I think is wrong." Imagine that, we are still not a theocracy.

The Republican Party of Evans is shrinking, and has been since 1980. I'm not in the business of disrespecting President Reagan, but his rise to power opened the GOP up to many of the current blowhards running the government. There still are plenty of Dan Evans Republicans in this state and in this country, but as the intolerance of the majority of Republicans grows, I fear the remaining reasonable few will be pushed out. We are lucky to reside in a so-called "blue state," where Evans-school Republicans can still flourish. Take a look at the Sam Reeds and Fred Jarretts of this state, we owe them a debt of gratitude for their perseverance.


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