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09 January 2006

Fink flips

As predicted by many in recent days, state Sen. Bill Finkbeiner [R-Kirkland] announced today he intends to vote in favour of the long overdue gay rights bill which would add sexual orientation to the state's non-discrimination laws. As Senate GOP leader, Finkbeiner voted against the legislation last year, which failed by one vote after three conservative Democrats sided with a unified GOP caucus to defeat the bill. Finkbeiner voted in favour of the legislation while a Democratic member of the House. This appears to nearly ensure passage of the legislation, passed repeatedly in the House but annually stymied in the Senate, and may well allow some other legislators to vote in favour now that they have little to lose politically. Principled, huh? Regardless, it's nice to see Finkbeiner come out in support of basic equal rights, even if he did vote against it as GOP leader.


At 6:52 PM, Blogger Will said...

Just the two Democrats Hargrove and Sheldon voted against it.

At 8:29 PM, Blogger TMW said...

Yes, I had remembered Rasmussen also voting against it but upon checking the roll calls she did vote for it after all. I think I'm remembering her going with the other two on some similar bill.


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