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23 December 2005

Vancouver USA has big dreams

It seems that the constant horse race between Spokane and Tacoma for the state's second-largest city may soon have a third coming up around the corner. Vancouver is considering pursuing annexing a populous region into the city limits, potentially adding 65,000 new residents. This would place Vancouver's population easily over 200,000. Both Spokane and Tacoma are estimated to have between 198,000 and 199,000 residents, with Spokane currently in the #2 spot.

But--not so fast, says Betty Sue Morris [D], chair of the Clark County Commission:

"We will absolutely oppose any effort by the city of Vancouver, or any other jurisdiction, to annex the entirety of Fire District 5."

Maybe it's far-fetched, but Vancouver is free to dream big. Unfortunately for the southwest metropolis, it appears the race for second place will continue to be a two-horse race.


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