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31 March 2006

Murray move?

The Stranger's Slog is speculating that state Rep. Ed Murray [D-Seattle] will soon be officially jumping into the 43rd district's Senate race. People had been speculating for months that Murray would either primary incumbent Sen. Pat Thibaudeau or shoot for US Rep. Jim McDermott. Murray ruled out a challenge to McD a while back, but after a host of Democrats filed for his House seat, it appears he is on the verge of pulling the trigger against Thibaudeau. What remains to be seen, assuming The Stranger's speculation is correct, is if Thibaudeau will truly stay in to fight for her seat. Using my usual sources I cannot find her true age, but look for yourself.

Being the political junkie I am, I hope Murray does take the dive. It would make for a potentially-entertaining primary if Thibaudeau remains in, and the fight for his seat would be insane. Six Democrats have filed thus far: 43rd Democrats Chair Richard Kelley, ex-Seattle Councilman Jim Street, King County deputy prosecutor Bill Sherman, Steinbrueck aide Stephanie Pure, Democrat PCO Lynne Dodson, and gay rights attorney Jamie Pedersen. March finance reports show Street with the most cash on hand, followed closely by Pedersen, the latter whom my personal bet is on.


At 8:57 PM, Blogger olympiaeagle said...

She's 73. Here's a resource you should use:

BTW nice blog, I'll be reading daily.

At 11:00 PM, Blogger TMW said...

Thanks, I'm happy to hear. I saw her age listed in either the Times or the PI in a story announcing Murray's entrance, but after I posted. Regardless, she should take Slade Gorton's lead and get a facelift or three.


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