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06 June 2006

Candidate enters race against Larry Springer

Tim Lee, a native of the Republic of China and techie, has announced his candidacy in the 45th district against freshman Democrat Rep. Larry Springer. A handful of suburban Republicans jumped on his campaign immediately, including Senate candidate Toby Nixon, outgoing Sen. Bill Finkbeiner, and Fall City Rep. Glenn Anderson. Lee was gracious enough to send me an email today announcing his candidacy, and given those who have initially signed on in support, I hope he brings strong moderate credentials to this race.

Larry Springer, then a member of Kirkland's City Council, defeated Duvall City Councilman Jeff Possinger by 5% of the vote to win his first term in 2004. Possinger is currently running for the seat vacated by Toby Nixon to run for the Senate. Since the entry of Lee and Possinger it is my belief they give the GOP a solid opportunity in this swing district, when previously it appeared Democrats were poised to perform well. This, like the 48th district, will be a bellweather district come November.


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